I used to be a part of a group called the great husbands’ group, where we talked about how to build our home, how to take care of our wives, and how to be more romantic on the Homefront. Many of our discussions centered around getting the right gifts and treats for our women and creating an inclusive atmosphere around our wives.

Getting a gift for our woman is good, but more importantly is getting the right gift that she won’t only need, but that she would continually see, appreciate, admire, and fall in love with. In one of our discussions, we talked about how deeply a woman will connect with a man buying her underwear, specifically lingerie. So, if you have been thinking of getting the best intimate gift for your woman, this might help you out.

When buying your woman, a gift, the first thing to consider is her feelings. Never exclude the fact that you are shopping for lingerie for a person who lives, breathes, and thinks. It is not like buying a toothbrush or even a sweater. Lingerie is emotionally charged. And this reason is why many men buy lingerie. This emotional charge can be either be significant or cause disappointment. Unlike other gifts, lingerie can be the most intimate gift you can buy for a woman. After all, it is an intimate garment that is only reserved for the special person in your life. Plus, it reveals some potential flaws, real or not, that she’s unlikely to announce to anyone, except the man in your life, so if you really want to afford disappointment, it is better to get it right before making a purchase.

Another very important thing is her likes and dislikes about clothes, her comments on different fashion styles, celebrities, and how comfortable she feels in lingerie. As a man who truly cares about your woman, these are little things you shouldn’t overlook. Buying lingerie requires knowing something about the recipient. Does that mean you shouldn’t buy lingerie for someone you don’t know very well? Yes, really! In general, there are those who buy lingerie and those who do not. Don’t buy lingerie for someone you don’t know well, including your wife or girlfriend. Find out who she is first, and the rest of the job will become relatively easy. And guess what!! It doesn’t take you long to learn about someone you really love.

Comfort is another important factor to consider, it is important because everyone has a different tolerance for things. Lingerie should not be a test of your political will or your own decision and desire. Calm down dear friend, it is for your woman and not directly for you, so if you want to see her happy in them, then you’ve got to prioritize her choice than you do to yours.

Understand her comfort zone and go beyond with some risk. The point here is to expand your comfort zone, but any attempt to violate it will likely do more harm than good. Here is how to penetrate her choices or expand her desires a little, suggest new things to her and see her reactions, does she like it when you suggest new things to her, or does she prefer her own tastes?

Do you like the assertive leader, or do you like to make all your own decisions? Whatever the answers she gives, helps you know your wife or girlfriend, even more, her personality and her stated limitations will guide you to purchasing the right lingerie for her, and whenever you are ready to make a purchase, My Lily store is readily available to help you with the best of your choices.

Her choice of color shouldn’t be exempted in all of these, if you really want her to love and cherish the underwear you got her, then you must make the necessary sacrifices that involves doing the right thing the right way in the first place. You don’t rush to a store and get anything for your woman, just because you want her to feel loved, cared for or wanted. Women want good things, gifts especially, but you must do it the right way.

Another thing is quality, you need to make sure that whatever you are buying for your woman must be of good quality, and that is why you don’t just jump on any store to buy lingerie for your woman, you must make sure it is a store with good customer reviews and a store that offers quality and original products. Imagine buying lingerie for your woman, and after wearing it, she starts complaining of how inferior it is, or of how uncomfortable it is. You might even be lucky if your woman is expressive enough to tell you how she feels about the gift, many women won’t mention it to you, especially when you are not yet fully intimate with them. They just stop wearing it, discard it or move on with their life.

Now that you have bought it from a reputable store like MyLily, how do you get it delivered and plan the surprise effectively? Sometimes you just want to add spice to your relationship, and you probably got your woman lingerie on valentine’s day. Home delivery is what should come next to your mind. When you buy products like that for your woman, she wants to wear them without you in the picture, see how it looks on her and feels her skin and body fitting properly into them before your arrival. So, the next time you are buying your woman lingerie, home delivery to her location is advised, but you can also spice it up by taking it there yourself, provided your woman is comfortable with it.

Women love gifts, and if you are detailed enough with gifting your woman an intimate gift like lingerie, and she loves it, you have automatically won her over.

At an affordable price, you can make your woman smile by getting your preferred lingerie delivered to her as a surprise.