Is programming a good and profitable labor field in the long run? One of the skills asserted to be in high demand and that is paying well is Information Technology (IT) skills, which have programming as one of its branches.
Programming is a core skill needed in the IT world. It is an integral part of our future economy. There are many professions related to programming, each offers an entry to different IT and tech jobs.
Its application cuts across hospitals, banks, telecommunications, and industries.
Programming is needed in data analytics, web design, research, and the engineering sector.
Some programming languages include Python, Go, Kotlin, Ruby, Typescript, JavaScript, Java, Swift, and more.
As the world continues to experience changes in technology, a shift towards a digital landscape has become the reality.
A critical look into the future shows that only those who have IT skills will be able to secure new jobs or keep their old ones.

Is programming profitable in the long run?

Despite the high demand for programming skills by companies, is the skill profitable in the long run?
Is the pay commensurate with the demands of the job?
This question anyone who wants to start a career in Programming should ask.
Programming is time-consuming, and there is a need to keep learning new languages and new techniques to keep up with the latest trends. Codecademy is one such online interactive platform that offers coding classes in twelve different programming languages, and as such you might want to consider giving them a try.
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Factors to consider if programming is profitable in the long run

The type of programming language you know

The most sought-after and highest-paying languages across the globe are Go, Scala, Ruby, Typescript, and Kotlin.
According to reports, programmers at the entry-level earn $50,000, $64, 000 is paid for those that middle level while top-level programmers earn $85,000.

What you can handle?

Another important factor to consider is what you know and what you can do.
The top five highest earners are DevOps, Data scientist, Embedded developer, Full-stack developer, and Back-end developer.
There are however more online courses that are also in high demand.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking the center stage, the pay of programmers notwithstanding, will programmers not run out of jobs?
The answer is negative. Languages may change the same as codes and systems but as long as companies depend on software, programmers will be needed.
A report shows that Google employs 30,000 programmers to handle various aspects of its AI.

The country you live in                     

While programming is recognized globally, your country of residence determines how profitable programming is.
The salary structure differs across countries.
How fast you rise with your programming language depends on the language seen as a priority in that country.
So, you should learn the language that is in high demand in your country, if you don’t want to migrate.
Is programming a good and profitable labor field in the long run?
Conclusively, you don’t need to work with a firm before you can get paid.
With the proper skills in programming, you can work remotely as a freelancer.
You can create a website through which you can get clients to work.