Scientific literature should be made more accessible and affordable. As of now, academic articles are often very difficult to access. If you are looking for a specific source, you will find many barriers along your way, such as paywalls. To make this process easier, you can make use of Reprints Desk: an organization wanting to make scientific literature accessible to anyone who desires. With just one click, you receive immediate access to the articles you need.

Save money and time on your literary search with this handy tool!

As discussed above, Reprints Desk saves lots of time when it comes to acquiring scientific literature. With this tool it is no longer necessary to fill in your billing details or create an account to access the desired article, as Reprints Desk will arrange it all for you. And that is not all, as the organization can also save you money. The price range of journal articles can differ depending on the discovery site you are using. As a consequence, you might pay a high price for an article even though you could have purchased it for a way lower price on a different site. Reprints Desk ensures that you will always pay the lowest price point for an article.

Reprints Desk has access to more than 40,000 scientific journals and around 80 million articles across all publishers. You are able to use more than 70 discovery sites to find the needed literature, and Reprints Desk will then send the articles you have requested. The requested articles will always be distributed with the most convenient pricing attached. With the services of Reprints Desk, you can definitely obtain the scientific literature you are looking for and that’s of course good to know.

Using a reference manager to keep track of your references

Aside from easy access, it is also important to store the articles in an organized manner. Using a reference manager lets you access any article you want at any given time, and places them in a neat order for you. Furthermore, it prevents you from accidentally buying the same reference twice. If you are not using a reference manager, the risks are high that you might purchase an article again. Prevent unneeded costs and make sure that your references are nicely ordered. In addition, the reference manager distributed by Reprints Desk will notify you if you are about to buy the same article twice.