VPS Hosting offers powerful yet pocket-friendly web hosting plans. A VPS Server is usually considered to be a next-level hosting platform when your website outgrows Shared Hosting. A VPS Web Hosting plan offers more features and higher performance at a slightly higher price, making it ideal for growing websites with a limited budget. Linux VPS is even more affordable due to the open-source nature of Linux OS. Linux VPS with cPanel is especially more configurable for higher performance.

Despite the fact that the VPS Servers in India are quickly gaining acceptance as versatile hosting solutions, many site owners are hesitant to upgrade. A few of the reasons could include higher prices and lack of expertise.

But even though it is slightly more expensive than Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting offers value for the money you spend. If you don’t have the expertise, choose the Managed version when you buy VPS.

Let us tell you when and why you should move to a VPS Server.

  1. Full Root Access

A VPS Server’s root user has unrestricted access to all parts of the server. In Shared Hosting, a site owner does not get access to the deeper areas of the server. They have to rely on their hosting provider’s expertise to set up and maintain the server. Since multiple websites share one server, the server is configured to be a one-size-fits-all solution. With root access, you can custom configure your server for maximum performance.

  1. Higher performance

Shared Hosting can offer only so much performance. When your website starts receiving an increasing amount of traffic, it cannot sustain the same levels of performance. VPS Hosting offers a wide range of hosting plans that offer high performance at various levels. On top of that, you can use the root access and tweak the settings for higher performance with the same resources.

  1. Robust security

Security is one aspect of hosting that is better with VPS Hosting. Although it is a virtual server, it behaves like a physical server for all intents and purposes of hosting. And like a physical server, it can be fortified against all types of threats with strong firewalls and the latest anti-malware software. Also, since the hosted website doesn’t share the hosting space, it is secured against the ‘bad neighbour effect’.

  1. Easy scalability

It is inevitable. As a website grows, it needs more resources to keep up its performance. VPS Hosting offers you an entire virtual server with exclusive resources reserved only for your website. But if your website does need more resources, your hosting provider can add more with just a few clicks. It is also easy to downsize resources if there’s no need for them.

  1. Complete control over the hosting space

Server maintenance is an intricate process that needs deeper access than what Shared Hosting offers. With root access in VPS Hosting, you can add, delete and modify any file on the server. This allows you to maintain your server better with deep cleaning, timely updates and unrestricted new software installations. No more raising a ticket and waiting for your hosting provider to install new software.

VPS Hosting is here to stay. It packs the right amount of features, performance and flexibility at the right prices. If you’re looking for a fast and versatile hosting platform, look no further.